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  1. Mayıs 7, 2016 at 1:48 pm

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  2. Temmuz 17, 2016 at 11:53 pm

    I will be putting this dazinzlg insight to good use in no time.

  3. This guy is such a fucking clown. What a joke.Also, whatever organization Ly Tong leads is also a joke.All this dude does is create a lot of drama. Pathetic and laughable…..

  4. At last, someone comes up with the “right” answer!

  5. Grand succès de Noël 2006, mais un peu moins pour Noël 2007… Je les avais fait plus petit et plus cuit la première fois. En tout cas, une recette à ne pas lâcher.

  6. What’s so weird about this “no brainer” is that it is the so-called “conservatives saying to forget “waste-not” and thriftiness and efficiency and savings, while it is the so-called free-spending libruls who balance budgets and wag their fingers saying to re-use and pinch pennies and save for a rainy day.

  7. Pauvre Eric Raoult. Alors qu’il a été ministre, hier plus personne ne parlait de lui. Eric qui ? Yaourt ?Heureusement, il y a des solutions. Il lui a suffi d’une petite lettre bien polémique, et hop il est à nouveau sous les projecteurs. J’y vois donc surtout une manÅ“uvre bien calculée pour reexister politiquement. Le prix à payer est d’avoir dit une énormité. Soit. Il demandera (peut-être) pardon. En tous cas, le but est atteint.

  8. Danke fürs Rezept! Ich hab sie gestern gebacken, sehr lecker und soooo einfach zu machen. Ich habe einen Hefeteig noch nie über Nacht in den Kühlschrank gestellt und obwohl ich ihn vielleicht zu lange (von abends bis zum nächsten nachmittag) stehen lies, hat alles gut geklappt.Liebe GrüßeIngridP.S. seit gestern abend stricke ich …

  9. I've heard so many good things about straw and hay pasta but have never made it. Don't you just love it when restaurants inspire you? Beautiful dish.

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  11. Oh Genny, that freaks me out a little. In the dollhouse – so cute. In the laundry basket – not sure. I did get those willies, though. It is so good you found her before you started just folding the clothes. What a surprise that would have been.Oh, the adventures that kids and pets bring!

  12. I literally jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

  13. TYVM you’ve solved all my problems

  14. Я примерно тоже самое хотел сказать Когда с девушкой флиртуешь, ей это наоборот нравится, она сама эту игру старается перехватить и нередко начинает влюбляться

  15. it’s a very strange energy like someone in the family has passed .. my prayers of peace go out to the entire jackson family .. in particular katherine.image the music in heaven tonight .. rest in peace michael.

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  21. Very valid, pithy, succinct, and on point. WD.

  22. Temmuz 18, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    Knowledge wants to be free, just like these articles!

  23. So. I need to start my ME replay around the first of January so I can stay a good ways ahead of you. I'm going to have to sit out The Walking Dead unfortunately as I haven't played it and I intend to sometime next year.

  24. “Aber wie fühlt man sich eigentlich, wenn man so ein Schwein vertritt, das sich nachdem es als Sieger das Gericht verlassen hat, sofort wieder an den PC setzt und versucht, die nächste 14 jährige zum Sex zu bewegen.”Wie viele Fälle kennen Sie denn, in denen das so passiert ist? Ich meine jetzt echte Fälle, nicht das, was sie bei “mitten im Leben” u.ä. auf RTL & Co. sehen.

  25. Temmuz 18, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    Merci Ellana!Je suis rentré de Corse il y a tout juste deux jours… Si je peux j’irais ce weekend voir Le prophète, à vrai dire je n’étais pas très motivé mais votre message m’interpelle, que dis-je me mobilise, me convoque!Bonne journée à vous ! 🙂

  26. yes, see ,,,I, live in ga,,and im not scared of “terrorists”,,have no fear of ied’s,,or snipers,,or hostage takers.,,i do fear the loss of my own liberty and freedoms,,,,,right to free travel and such,,,this is setting precident,,if folks dont speak up,,publicly and to their reps,,,it will happen agin,,and agin,,,,,,,

  27. ced April 23, 2010 i love you for loving mariah as well! heheheit’s just sad that mariah even jlo has less airplay these days in US radio.and i <3 we belong together. hehehe

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  31. Lo sai che non ho ancora fatto la richiesta per la pergamnea dopo quasi otto anni dalla laurea? Non ci faccio nulla, non voglio appenderla in salotto e non voglio ASSOLUTAMENTE dargli sti 100 euro e passa…

  32. Temmuz 19, 2016 at 9:41 am

    great build mate … miss the SSD a bigger powersupply and a better graphics card … I’ve heard that the 660 isn’t that good for FSX but who cares when you got a beast like that and can play BF3

  33. "Assimilation didn't make immigrants (or more relevantly their children), Republicans. However, it strongly encourage immigrants to identify with the mainstream of American society. That made them (first and second generation immigrants) open to the ideas and values of the Republicans."I don't care if Asians assimilate. I don't want any immigrants anymore, period.The GOP is just as PC as the left is.The GOP is useless and will turn the country over to immigrants just like the Dems.

  34. Temmuz 19, 2016 at 11:45 am

    he would match any offer any club offered Smoltz to pitch, but he would not match any offer for him not to pitch, which is what the Sawks did. So long Smoltz, hello Mr. Lowe. Lowe is up in age, but has been healhy throughout his career. Other than giving up power hitting Tyler Flowers for Javier Vazquez (spelling ?), the farm system is healthy, Tommy Hanson will be taking the bump for the big league club soon and he already is equipped with a major league hook, don’t believe it just ask the k-tribe.

  35. They don’t originate any filesIn a handful of cases they actually did. I hope he isn’t convicted I can’t see how he’s not going to be, but of course there’s a bog difference between a hefty fine and a 20 year prison sentence.This is hardly the end…Definitely not. People will always find a way.

  36. argh August 31, 2008 Nothing like logging into wordpress and the first thing you see is this.  Are you serious?  I just sit here thinking, “yeah, I’m not voting for Barack

  37. Temmuz 19, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    God kveld!Så flotte mager.Artige bildene var da, gjør jo ikke noe at de var litt uklare. Blir morro for søskenbarna å se når de blir større.Kos deg med magen din! Nyt den siste tida!

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  40. Just what the doctor ordered, thankity you!

  41. Brilliant, Jim… I followed you step by step and trembled as you made your way in those scorpion free flip-flops! I just heard on Moody Radio that there’s good money in writing children’s books (poetry?) until a writer’s first book hits the big time. I think we have enough talent within our group of poet friends to get the job done.But honestly, I wonder what kind of nut would write poems about insects! Hahaha…Hugs. I loved it! : )

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  47. I'm glad you posted this because I am wondering the same thing! I have a class of kids with moderate to severe disabilities (physical/speech and intellectual) and I want to try the Daily 5, but I'm just not sure it can work for my kids.

  48. I’m so excited about your Beatles journey! Did you know that the entire album was recorded in under 10 hours? True story. And by the time they were near the end of their session, Lennon’s voice was so shredded from screaming and singing all day, that it gave him a unique sound on “Twist and Shout,” where you just feel like he’s giving it everything he has left. Can’t wait to read more posts!

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  52. Tudo lindo! Só uma grande observação: o vídeo que vc fez ficou com qualidade muitoooo melhor que os brasileiros, inclusive o detalhe da segunda câmera. É uma pena![]

  53. “New York City’s rental market”alot, and I mean ALOT more inventory has yet to hit the market. Many projects still being finished. I see it all the time.Shakeout is far from over, no matter what your beloved CNBC tells you.SAS

  54. offers her own Top 10 Time Savers over at Amy’s Finer Things. I really need to incorporate a few of her tips into my own life.

  55. Azerty a super raison, je suis d’accord avec lui. Vous avez qu’à éteindre les portables la nuit, comme si les ondes elles vont faire un détour pour vous venir vous faire chier, faut réfléchir un peu. Faut surtout manger naturellement, car rien de pire que la mal-bouffe pour tomber malade ou autre.

  56. Temmuz 20, 2016 at 12:14 am

    (Camera) The product description for the Canon 100 HS and the 300 HS are very similar and it appears to be mostly just the wide angle and zoom. I compared the two cameras in the store and preferred the look and feel of the grey 100 HS. Only when I was testing the camera did I realize that the 100 HS does not allow you to zoom while shooting video. Another missing feature of the 100 HS is the smart auto scene detection is not active when shooting video. If you don’t care about video, save $50 on the 100 HS otherwise get the 300 HS. I exchanged mine and love the 300 HS.

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  63. Lakeland not selling the mini cutters this year at all – discontinued! Have to use other mini shapes. We are planning to cook tomorrow – subject to our children’s homework!

  64. I am using Drafting Hatch not Model Hatch. I have tried creating the hatch from a 1/16″ scale and 1:1 drafting view. I need to eventually use the pattern in a 1/16 to 1/32 inch scale.

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  66. Adesso è ufficiale, dunque? I musulmani puzzano? Mi ricordo, quando Jean Marie LePen aveva detto qualcosa di simile più di venti anni fa, che ci fu una valanga di proteste contro di lui, di sdegno. Ora, quando lo dice Fiamma Frankenstein, magari in termini più convoluti (“odori e sapori di corpi” ecc), tutti zitti, nessuno osa protestare, forse perchè rischierebbe di passare per anti-… O tempora, o mores!

  67. I suspected Angela was heavy into research for her Nano piece, and after taking the poll, I see I'm not alone! She must have taken her zombie repellent along with her, and that's the only way she survived such a brave feat! Haha! What a fun post!

  68. I love how the Queen just stares out ahead, maintaining an air of decorum. It may as well been Mr. Bean giving the toast.You see the thing with W, He was just being W. O on the hand is, well… um (scratches head). Strike that, He's just being O.:)

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  71. Temmuz 20, 2016 at 7:25 am

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  74. I’m definitely going for the NYX–I like how the paler colors aren’t as outright shimmery and I think the warmer tones in that palette would suit me better. Perfect essential colors!! Thanks for sharing! Also, am I the only one who saw the lip color swatches and immediately thought of MAC Viva Glam Cyndi and Gaga? Who knows, I might just be imagining it after lusting after the Cyndi color for so long…

  75. Temmuz 20, 2016 at 3:03 pm

    I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enthralling!

  76. Jeffe, I love this. I also read the obits. I’ve done it for years, ever since I worked as a reporter and had to write them. You’re right that a lot are really dry, but there are so many people who live interesting lives. I’ve wondered if our modern lives aren’t pretty boring compared to those who who earlier generations.By the way, I’d like to hear “I’ll Fly Away” when I make my exit.

  77. Oh dear! Losing your blog pics sound awful to me. But, I would 100% agree with you that your bright and cheerful strawberry tart look very cheerful to eat and happy to enjoy

  78. Temmuz 20, 2016 at 3:33 pm

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  80. Temmuz 20, 2016 at 5:16 pm

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  87. I'm sorry. I know there are very serious topics here, and I appreciate them. But it was the DOJ and Seattle's library that blew my mind. A building full of books that would have to be read to the blind and they file suit over NOOKs?!? Truly, we have met the enemy. A senseless enemy.

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  89. And I love that you love that essay, wendy – it seems that your post awhile back about looking around and loving and appreciating chicago has some of the same feelings around it. A sense of the fleetingness of time, of youth … of knowing that the moment is passing …

  90. Temmuz 21, 2016 at 12:53 am

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  91. Kristen–that is so exciting! I hope your uncle has his camera on hand and ready! Your brother will be blown away, I bet. Can't wait to hear more about the evening! Thanks for enlightening us about Marfan Syndrome.

  92. Temmuz 21, 2016 at 1:58 am

    Brillo made a monkey of him a few weeks ago. Really pulled his pants down on expenses.But I agree he gets a lot of coverage and airtime. Because he gives good copy I reckon rather than a sinister bbc plot. But I guess that’s the explanation you need if you think the BBC is always slanted to the left in its coverage.   2 likes

  93. Video da dilma na record local de hoje…sobre a reuniao da fiesc, creio q o reporter perguntou a ela sobre o pouco q foi feito em SC.Respondeu visivelmente contrariada e irritada.

  94. Nobody rich goes to jail keith. Michael milken? A few months at a country club. Ken Lay? deceased. Keating? A few months at a country club. If anyone goes to jail it will be for complaining about all the corruption, and that would be you.

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  97. To piggy back on what Brian is saying. The book of Revelations is not even the last book written. Chronologically it is out of place. 1st, 2nd and 3rd John were all written after Revelations. Not only that but you need to remember that the bible itself went through several revisions leading up to the Council of Constantinople.

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  105. Hi Newlyweds – wow, twin boys? that’s awesome! And very cool that it was a surprise and that it worked out so well for you. Meg – thanks for the encouraging words – it helps to have friends who have been there and done it and who say it’s the best thing in the world.

  106. So, I ask: ?Will it be Moderate Mitt — because he doesn’t have to “play” at making Conservative music any more? Or will he continue on something of a conservative bent? What is the REAL Romney behind the curtain?BZ

  107. Temmuz 21, 2016 at 3:59 pm

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If the children use a back patio as their canvas you may want to hose it down with water so chalk isn’t tracked inside the house.Hopscotch is a fun activity that will help children learn their numbers while hopping. It is great exercise and energy burner. Play with the traditional rules of using a marker (a small rock is perfect) and numbering the squares of the hopscotch pattern with the numbers one through eight. Each child must toss their rock onto a numbered square starting with one and hop through the pattern without touching the square the marker is on. Then they turn around and come back picking up their marker on the way. This continues with the marker being tossed on each subsequent number. If a child misses the correct number they are out of the game.At the end of the hopscotch squares, the children can draw a half-circle for a resting place (this is optional). They can take a second to regain their balance before hopping back to pick-up their marker. 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However, if you don’t have the time to enroll in a surfing class then here is a simple guide to teach you the basics from scratch while learning it on your own.Step 1: Get Into the Surfing LifestyleThe best way to learn surfing on your own is to first start by getting into the lifestyle. If you consider surfing as a normal sport then you won’t get far with it. However, if you treat it as a way of life then you have plenty of room for improvement since your determination and focus is directed towards learning the basics.First you need to ask yourself what is surfing to you. Is it a sport that you can dive into when you have a lot of free time on your hands or is it a sport that you plan to make a career with your life? How you learn will depend on how you answer these questions before you take part of this guide to help you learn from scratch.Step 2: Training With Your BoardThe most basic step to learning the art of surfing is to treat the board as an extension of your body. Like your arms and legs, you need to be able to utilize the board’s full potential when you skim through the waves. For this, you need to learn balance so you can stay upright on your board even when faced with a towering swell, and of course, perfect body coordination and power to maneuver it the way you want it to.Once you have a surfboard at your disposal, the first thing you need to learn is balance. If you have a swimming pool then you can practice your balance there. Another is to try your balance out while practicing out in the waves, just make sure that you are close to shore when you do that so you won’t have to worry about drowning when hit by a wave with your inexperience.Step 3: Training Your BodyAside from developing the right balance to maneuver your board in any surfing condition, it is also important that you introduce in your program different sets of surfing exercises to improve your overall power and stamina. In a matter of endurance training, you can easily make use of cardiovascular exercises, like jogging, cycling, or swimming to improve your constitution. Arm power can easily be done with a few sets of push up or bench press every day. Leg power can be easily achieve through squats and stretches. Charades for KidsThe traditional way to play charades is to have slips of paper with all of the words or items that need to be acted out written down. But to make things easier for the kids and have them use their imaginations more have them decide what they are going to act out without telling anyone. This is a great game for outside or indoors on a rainy day. If some of the children are having a hard time thinking up ideas be prepared with a few back-up ones to whisper in their ear.If you have enough people to play, charades can be played in teams but it also works with single players. One person stands up and has to act out a word, object or saying. 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There come in different shapes, sizes, and color. Some offer full-body protection from the elements while other leave your arms and legs open for added comfort. One its most salient features is its material. It is designed to be waterproof and keep your body warm even in the coldest waters. This is a preferred choice for surfers who love to surf out in the wild sea where the waters can be freezing cold especially when you’re in too deep.Beach Shoes and SlippersMany surfers prefer to wear nothing but the skins on their feet when surfing to keep their foot glued to the board. However, there are beach shoes and slippers designed for added traction to the board so you won’t have to worry about sliding when surfing the waves. They are also offer a tight fit so you won’t have to worry about getting your feet wet.Goggles and Surfing EyewearGoggles and surfing eyewear is not a standard surfing apparel but it adds added protection so you don’t get salt water in your eyes or get blinded by the glare of the sun. Most of these goggles are not tinted, but if you want a multi-purpose eye wear then you better get one that offers a light tint to warn of both water and glare while you surf.Where To BuyYou can practically buy surfing wears in department stores or surfing shops on the beach. However, it is a good idea to window shop first before you purchase to avoid wasting your money on products that easily wear out after being used a few times. Also, you might want to list down those you need instead of buying in random. This way, you can scout around for different selections in terms of quality and price to get the best deals without hurting your wallet. 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